ナタリー - [Power Push] 乃木坂46「気づいたら片想い」特集



How to seduce kidnap a baby (and dog) by Girls’ Generation Sunny

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Send A Symbol And Ill Answer! ~48 Edition~

♀: Your Oshimen(s)

★: Favorite Team

✿: Favroite Sister Group

♋: Favorite Kenkyuusei

✈: JKT48 or SNH48?

♛: Favorite Senbatsu Moment

☮: Most Tearful Greaduation For You

☯: Favorite AKBingo Moment

☢: 48 OTP

☽: Make Your Own Graduation Speech

♫: Favorite Stage

✄: Worst Scandal

♚: Favorite Graduated Member

$: Name All Your 48 Merch

✉: Did You Vote For Senbatsu This Year?

™: Favorite Single

➳: Jankenpon or Senbatsu?

✖: Make Your Own Senbatsu Speech (Specify Rank)

≈: International Sisters or Japan Sisters?

♟: Favorite B-Side Track

✌: Majisuka Gakuren or AKB0048?

☑: Your 48 Bucket List


In Japan, after the graduation ceremony, it’s tradition that a girl asks to the senpai she loves the second botton of his jacket (because it’s the closest to the heart) and if that senpai already gave that botton to someone, the girl asks a different botton anyway. This is basically a declaration of love. I’m happy to see it happens between girls too.

It happened to Yuuko too.


Sakurai Reika & Wakatsuki Yumi - BOMB May issue

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